Inquiries about payment 
For Payers

If your transfer has not been reflected, please check here first.

  • 01Are there any mistakes in the account information for the transfer recipient?

    Could you please take a moment to confirm that the account information is correct?
    The name of the transfer recipient is【トランスゲートウエイ (カ シユウノウ 】.

  • 02It may take about 15 minutes for the transfer to be reflected after completion.

    Depending on the time of the transfer and the financial institution, it may be treated as the next business day, so please check the transfer date on your transfer details.
    Additionally, the time it takes may vary depending on the time of transfer and the financial institution you are using, so please check this as well.
    FAQ:The remittance is not reflected even though I have made it.>>

  • 03System maintenance is being carried out from 14:45 to 16:00.

    Reflecting will occur sequentially after 16:00.

  • 04Please check if you have made a transfer from Rakuten Bank or Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.

    Rakuten: Delays at Rakuten Bank occur occasionally.
    Mitsubishi UFJ: When making a transfer via the Mitsubishi UFJ app, if there is no prior registration, it will be treated as a transfer for the next day.

Contact by phone

When inquiring about payments, having the name of the recipient's financial institution, branch name, and account number ready when you contact us will make the process smoother.

+81)50-3354-7688 09:00~18:00 JST

Inquiry Form for Payers

For confirmation of your payment, please enter the account information of the recipient [our side].
If you have any details or screenshots of your payment transfer, attaching them would facilitate a smoother process.

Bank Name
Branch Name
Account Number
Name of Transferor
Transfer Amount
Inquiry Details

About handling of personal information

  • About use of purpose of personal information

    We shall use the personal information you input for inquiries.

  • Nam of the business operator

    Trans-Gateway, Inc.

  • Personal information protection administrator

    Akira Oshita

  • About entrustment of handling of personal information

    We may consign all or part of the handling of the acquired personal information.

  • About disclosure of personal information etc. and inquiries

    We shall notify / disclose / correct / add or delete / suspend the use / suspend providing to third party (called "disclosure, etc.") of utilization purpose of the personal information held by us for disclosure if requested from person himself /herself.
    Please refer to the "Inquiries for handling of personal information" below for inquiry for disclosure etc.

  • Acquisition of personal information by a method which person himself/herself can not easily recognize

    We do not obtain personal information by a method which person himself / herself can not easily recognize by using cookie, web beacon, etc.

  • About provision of personal information to a third party.

    Trans-Gateway, Inc. shall not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

    • ・In the case that here is consent of person himself / herself.
    • ・In the case that it is necessary to protect somebody's life or somebody, or property, and that it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself / herself.
    • ・In the case that we are requested to disclose or offer based on laws and regulations, etc.
  • About security control measures of personal information

    With respect to the acquired personal information, we shall take necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention and correction of leaks, loss or damage and security control of personal information.
    When registering personal information on our website, SSL which is data encryption technology as a security measure to prevent the personal information from being stolen on the network is in use.

  • Precautions(Notes) for keeping personal information

    The content of personal information we keep can be as desired(left to your option), but if the required items are not filled out or the information is not accurate, we shall not be able to support you or provide any services you request.

  • Privacy policy

    Please see the personal information protection policy on our website.

《Inquiry (counter) regarding handling of personal information》
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