Trans Receiving Service

Service overview

Trans Receiving Service is the service name of the bank settlement / virtual account settlement provided by Trans-Gateway.

Trans Receiving service provides safe and speedy automatic reconciliation of bank transfer payments and deposits in any business scenario, regardless of online or offline services.
With Trans Receiving service, businesses can accept bank transfer payments from end users without the need for a company account. Automatic reconciliation of deposits will significantly reduce the burden on business accounting.
In addition, by linking with businesses' services and systems, Trans Receiving service contributes to the automation of service delivery to end users and the efficiency of operations.

The merits of Trans Receiving Service,
Made Possible by a Trans Gateway Specializing in Bank Settlements

01Improve efficiency and reduce costs

Trans Receiving service automates the deposit confirmation process (matching the depositor and deposit information), which is usually performed by businesses, and reduces the burden on complex accounting tasks. It is a very difficult task to check the deposit information each time a depositor makes a transfer and determine which customer the deposit belongs to and which order it is for.

Trans Receiving service notifies businesses of the deposit via data notification (API or email) when a depositor makes a transfer.
By notifying the business of the necessary information to identify the depositor, such as the amount of the deposit and the name of the depositor, the business can automatically determine whether the deposit was made correctly and which depositor made the deposit.

In addition, a different account number can be issued for each order (payment), so by linking an order and an account number, the deposit confirmation process can be automated all the way to shipping (service provision).

In other words, it is possible to automate all of the deposit confirmation tasks that businesses perform.

02Manage deposits in real time

Trans Receiving service allows businesses to check deposits in real time through the management screen provided by the service.
There is no need to log in to a bank account or record transactions in a passbook. In addition, a notification email will be sent to the email address specified by the business, so it is possible to respond immediately to sudden deposits while away from the office.

In recent years, as Internet security measures have become increasingly important, banks and other financial institutions have taken various measures to strengthen security, such as requiring two-factor authentication or issuing one-time passwords to protect customer assets.
However, as security increases, it has become more burdensome for businesses that use accounts to log in every time.

With the Trans Receiving service deposit confirmation function, you can easily check deposits, while maintaining security, even at a quick moment on the go or when you need to check urgently.

03No need for a bank account for businesses

Trans Receiving service issues the deposit account for end users, so businesses do not need to sign a contract with a bank for an account.

For businesses that have just started their business, it may be difficult to pass the bank's screening and open an account.
However, not having bank transfer as one of the payment methods can significantly reduce usability, and in the worst case, customers can be lost to rival companies that offer bank transfers.

Payment methods are one of the most important elements of doing business on the Internet.

04Matching deposit methods according to business content

Multiple different account numbers can be issued to match the business content.

1.Issue a bank account for each order (payment).
2.Issue a bank account for each end user.
3.Issue a bank account for each store.

For example, by issuing a different account number for each order, it is possible to determine which order the deposit is for, even if the amount of the order is the same.