Our Strengths

01Easy Implementation

Trans Gateway offers a simple and efficient way to implement bank payments. Our dedicated bank account can be used without the need for complex system integration, making it easy for even businesses with limited technical expertise to get started.

We can also provide you with same-day access, so you won't miss out on any business opportunities. Speed is critical when launching a new service, and Trans Gateway is committed to helping businesses succeed.

02Early Payment Cycle

Supporting your business's cash flow with a 2-month payment cycle. When implementing payment processing, businesses need to be mindful of their cash flow.

Once a customer pays for a product or service, the funds are deposited into the payment processor's account, leaving the business with no cash on hand.

To address this, Trans Gateway offers flexible payment cycles that can be tailored to your business's cash flow and the nature of your services. This means you can get paid faster and improve your cash flow management.

03Overseas Businesses Welcome

Trans Gateway actively supports contracts and service provision with businesses headquartered outside of Japan.
Even businesses headquartered overseas that provide services to end users residing in Japan can use our services without complicated procedures.

Bank payments, which have a payment usage rate of over 30%, cannot be ignored when expanding services to Japanese users.
However, it is not realistic for end users to make a bank transfer to an overseas account because the overseas remittance fee is very high and the overseas remittance procedure is complicated compared to a regular remittance.
In response, we have been working hard to support cross-border businesses, which have been rapidly increasing in recent years.
We will help you take advantage of the biggest business opportunity of cross-border businesses by providing smooth contracts and affordable pricing.

04Versatile Service for All Industries

Trans Gateway's storage service can be provided to businesses of all industries, including online, offline, retail, digital content, and services.
The service is open to businesses of all sizes, whether they are individuals or corporations, domestic or overseas.

If you are considering a storage service, please feel free to contact us.