Privacy Policy

Trans-Gateway, Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "We") is a company which deals with receiving agency service, credit-card payment and other online settlement t, and we fully recognize that the customer's personal information we handle is important for the customer and it is important information asset for our business management. In addition, we recognize that protecting personal information of customers and employees is a significant social responsibility as well.
In order to comply with laws concerning personal information protection, guidelines established by the government and other norms as a code of conduct that all of our executives and employees must observe in order to handle this important personal information properly and safely into the future, we shall promise to observe the Japanese Industry Standard "Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements" (JIS Q 15001) and other norms, and shall establish a system for personal information protection and constantly improve it.

  1. In the case of handling personal information, we shall specify the purpose of use and obtain personal information using a lawful and fair means. In addition, we shall make efforts to keep accurate and up to date content within the scope of the purpose of use, determine the retention period, and erase the personal information without delay after the achievement of the purpose of use or the lapse of retention period.
    In addition, except when there is a justifiable reason such as based on laws and regulations, we shall not provide personal information to third parties without your consent.
  2. Regarding the handling of personal information, we shall take technical measures giving consideration to confidentiality, integrity and availability, and prevent leakage and loss or damage, and control access to the information for security management of personal information, and limit taking out, and take measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside and necessary and appropriate remedial measures.
  3. We shall establish internal regulations concerning personal information protection, issuing a guideline for the handling of personal information, and take a stringent stance against leakage of personal information etc.
  4. In the case of delegating business, we shall give further consideration for personal information protection. Concluding outsourcing agreement, we shall thoroughly examine the eligibility as a partner for outsourcing, and in the outsourcing agreement, we shall determine safety management measures, confidentiality, conditions of re-entrustment and appropriate handling of personal information matters, and by regularly monitoring the status of outsourced business, we shall properly supervise our outsourcing parties and furthermore consider for protection of personal information.
  5. We shall establish "personal information protection administrator" and system which clarifies its role in order to comply with laws and regulations, guidelines, formulate internal regulations, improve audit system and monitor handling of personal information .
  6. We shall create teaching materials and education curriculum on personal information protection, distribute it to our executives and all employees, and also conduct training regularly and continuously.
  7. We shall conduct an audit as to whether the personal information is protected appropriately or not. We shall confirm the safety of personal information by conducting audits in a systematic manner and that executive officers and employees comply with laws and regulations and internal regulations.
  8. We shall establish a system to handle complaints concerning the handling of personal information appropriately and promptly, and you can contact us for an inquiry.
  9. We shall continuously review and improve the activities of the above 1 to 8 concerning protection of personal information.

【Inquiry for handling of personal information】
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